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Tax Clinic 2023

We are completing income taxes for our clients throughout the entire year.

Please, call Dina @ 416-537-2276 to make drop-off arrangements.

Please, note that we DO NOT prepare returns with the following:

  • self-employment income or employment expenses (see exception box)
  • business or rental income and expenses
  • interest income over $1,000
  • capital gains or losses
  • foreign property (T1135)
  • deceased individuals
  • bankrupt individuals in the year of bankruptcy (or the year prior, if that return has not been filed)
Text Box: EXCEPTION: We can accept self-employment/business income from T4A only if all following conditions are met:
•	total income in box 48 is under $1,000
•	no expenses are claimed
•	taxpayer is not registered as a GST/HST registrant
•	or required to be a GST/HST registrant

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