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September 2014


The South Asian Women’s Centre and We are Your Sisters is pleased to announce the Instructors and studios who will be participating in Yogathon 2014 Annu Gaidhu – Reigning Miss India Canada & Toronto’s youngest certified yoga instructor at the age of 23 who recently launched her own yoga business “Bliss Yoga With Annu” Auni Boghossian – Lead instructor at Yoga Vision, Mississauga. She

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We Talk Women Presents “No Honour in Killing”

A Presentation by “We Talk Women” on the topic of ‘Honour’ violence. Join for a screening of Banaz: A Love Story by Deeyah Khan, followed by a discussion on the topic of ‘honour’ violence. SAWC ED, Kripa Sekhar, will be one of the panel members Tickets are available at: Panel Members: Dr. Amin A. Muhammad – Professor in the Psychiarty department at the

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