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The Greenbelt Adventure to Farintosh Farms

SAWC was approved for a trip the great Farintosh Farms on Thursday September 15th 2016. With fourty eager participants of all ages, The Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation and SAWC managed to create an adventurous day for our group of newcomer and immigrant women.

The group departed for the farm at 9 AM on a yellow school bus rental. The ride itself was fun-filled and had everyone excited and carefree. The women sang songs, exchanged recipes and shared stories.  Once the group arrived at Farintosh Farms, they were ready to pick vegetables for their favourite home cooked meals. The group overdosed on sweet yellow corn, large purple eggplants, fresh basil, spicy chillies, red peppers and more. For lunch they enjoyed a picnic with their home cooked lunch and a beautiful afternoon view by the farm’s landscape.

Many immigrant women enjoyed the activity, saying it brought them back home to where organic, healthy eating was an everyday custom. Others felt enlightened, saying that they better understood the environmental impact, and benefits of gardening. Overall the group agreed that Mother Nature and its preservation was an important part of the world in which they live.  Thank you to The Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation for providing SAWC with the opportunity to take our strong women to Farintosh Farms, a wonderful and new learning experience for all those who attended.

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